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Canadian Accounting Software

By Carbon Copy Laser, 09/27/2014 - 22:21
MoneyWorks Canadian accounting software for Mac or Windows

MoneyWorks accounting software is now at version 7. Carbon Copy Laser has used MoneyWorks since 2007 and we love it! Version 7 is the best Canadian accounting software we've used (and we have tried them all!). MoneyWorks is cross-platform and works beautifully in either a Mac or a Windows environment.

Have you been thinking of switching from AccountEdge but is the thought of having to start from scratch scaring you off? Just because AccountEdge has made it near impossible to export your accounting file to a different application or platform doesn't mean it cannot be done. The MoneyWorks MYOB Converter can migrate most of your vital data into MoneyWorks. Get all the information you need from the MoneyWorks creators at Cognito.

We have discontinue AccountEdge from our product lineup as we feel that MoneyWorks is a superior product especially for Canadian Mac and Windows users.. Read the MacWorld accounting software shoot-out article.

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