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Zero Waste Cartridge - The Environmentally Friendly Toner Choice

By Carbon Copy Laser, 09/30/2014 - 22:54
Zero Waste Cartridge Environmentally Friendly Toner

Introducing the new guilt-free Zero Waste Cartridge

Introducing the new guilt-free Zero Waste Cartridge offered by Carbon Copy Laser. Zero Waste? Yes, that's right - not one single part of this toner cartridge goes into a landfill! All materials used to make this product, right down to the last bit of toner, are recycled and reused to make other products. Zero Waste Cartridge is the smartest choice for today's environment.

Not only does Zero Waste Cartridge offer a truly green alternative, it does so without compromising quality. The German-engineered Zero Waste Cartridge line gives you dependable output, at a lower cost than other high-end remanufactured cartridges. In addition, some Zero Waste extended yield cartridges produce more pages than other extended yield options - in some SKUs thousands more. Allowing your to go longer between cartridge changes.

Conscientious quality and superior design, at an affordable cost. Zero Waste Cartridge toner, now available from Carbon Copy Laser and comes with an above average 2 year warranty

Zero Waste Cartridg


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