Remanufactured MICR Toner Cartridges

CIG (Clover Imaging) and EcoTone (made in Canada) MICR toner cartridges are specially formulated to meet the high standards needed to support secure cheque printing. All Canadian and USA government specifications for signal strength are met which reduces the possibility of costly fees stemming from rejected cheques. EcoTone and CIG Canada MICR toner cartridges contain a security feature that helps to virtually eliminate the risk of cheque fraud. All CIG and EcoTone brand MICR products are post tested and come with a 100% performance guarantee. The cost savings compared to brands such as TROY is significant.

We offer a large product assortment including MICR printing solutions for brands like Canon, Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark, TROY, Source Technologies and Xerox.

MICR Toner Canada

Key Benefits of our MICR toner cartridges:

  • 100% performance guarantee
  • Environmentally-friendly solution
  • 100% post tested
  • Meets all US and Canadian banking standards and signal strength
  • Superior cost savings over OEM brand cartridges
  • Toner-based security features help to virtually eliminate the risk of cheque fraud

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Frequently asked questions about MICR toner

What is MICR toner?

MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR toner contains magnetic properties. MICR toner is used to produce the characters found at the bottom of cheques (MICR lines). These characters are used by banks and other financial institutes to process cheques at high speeds using scanners. These MICR scanners are designed to read the magnetic signal emitted by the MICR characters printed on cheques.

Do I need a MICR toner cartridge for my printer?

If you want print your own cheques on blank cheque stock, then you do need MICR toner for your laser printer. This will produce the characters found at the bottom of cheques. If you do not plan to print cheques, then a regular cartridge is what you need.

Can any printer use MICR toner?

Unfortunately not. MICR toner is only available for specific print engines. Cartridges containing MICR toner is not available for colour laser or Inkjet printers.

I can’t find MICR toner for new laser printers. Is there a solution?

It usually takes a while before MICR cartridges become available for newly released laser printers. Sometimes the process takes a few months, sometimes years, and for certain models, MICR cartridges are never developed.

A very successful and economical way of circumventing this problem, is to purchase a remanufactured laser printer for which there are MICR cartridges available.

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Are MICR cartridge still necessary?

Yes, you are still required to print cheques using MICR toner cartridges. Many banks, but not all, have upgraded their cheque processing scanners to optical readers. Optical readers may eventually eliminate the need for MICR toner but until then, or when the need for cheques reaches extinction, we’re still obligated to use MICR toner.

Troy Group OEM MICR cartridges are available on request as a special order. Please contact us for Troy pricing.

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