Accounting Software made for Canada

Canadian Accounting Software rich in features yet affordable. MoneyWorks Express, MoneyWorks Gold and MoneyWorks Datacentra are all designed to seamlessly handle Canadian accounting requirements such as GST, GST/PST, HST, GST/QST. MoneyWorks may also be used for US sales taxes.

Canadian accounting software

MacOS or Windows

MoneyWorks is fully cross-platform. There is a Mac as well as a Windows version of MoneyWorks. You get both versions when you purchase a copy of MoneyWorks. If you decide to move from one operating system to another, there is no additional cost involved. Your accounting data is contained in a database file which is easily transferred from your old platform to the new platform.

Canadian Accounting Software with Big Business Features

With MoneyWorks you get a powerful, feature rich platform that unlocks your company’s accounting data to help you run a better business.


You need your accounting software to fit in with your business processes, not the other way around. Designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability, MoneyWorks allows you to structure your accounts to match the needs of your business. MoneyWorks can interface seamlessly with most leading payroll, CRM or POS systems, and generic systems like FileMaker Pro, MS Office or mySQL, making it possible to streamline your workflow.

Information Rich

Better information helps make better business decisions. Dashboard charts show you at a glance how your business is performing, while on screen lists give you quick access to your data. For in-depth analysis and forecasting, MoneyWorks has the most powerful reporting of any accounting system in its class. If the comprehensive included reports and powerful sub-summary features are still not enough, the MoneyWorks Gold report writer makes it possible to create the exact reports you need.

High Performance

You need software that won’t bog down, wasting valuable staff-time through slow operation. MoneyWorks is fast. People who have switched from other systems tell us that the speed of MoneyWorks is phenomenal, making their operations much more efficient.

Small Business Price

MoneyWorks is designed to have a low net running cost. Unlike many competing accounting applications, MoneyWorks does not have any hidden tactics to syphon money from you in the future. The total cost of ownership is kept to a bare minimum through:

  • No company limits: Many systems will charge you extra to create additional company files, or you may not be able to do it at all.
  • Comprehensive documentation: facilitates staff self-training.
  • Not tying accounting software to payroll: upgrading accounting software to keep up with payroll rules should not be necessary. So you won’t get stung for an annual upgrade that you don’t really need.
  • A fully-compatible works-alike product line: no expensive data conversion or retraining if you need to upgrade.
  • Cross-platform support: no repurchase if you change platforms in the future.
  • Effective user interface: helps users get the job done quickly and accurately.
  • Performance: fast, efficient software means staff time is not wasted.

MoneyWorks Version 9 is now available.

MoneyWorks Versions

MoneyWorks Express

Canadian Accounting Software MoneyWorks Express

MoneyWorks Express Version 9 for Canada is a single user accounting application for small business.
Buy MoneyWorks Express V9 (Mac/Windows)

MoneyWorks Gold

Canadian Accounting Software MoneyWorks Gold

MoneyWorks Gold Version 9 for Canada is a comprehensive accounting and business information system.
Buy MoneyWorks Gold V9 (Mac/Windows)

Canadian Accounting Software MoneyWorks DataCentre

MoneyWorks Datacentre

MoneyWorks Datacentre Version 9 for Canada. The functionality of MoneyWorks Gold plus the convenience of an always-on multi-company and multi-user server. MoneyWorks Datacentre 9 (includes 3 concurrent users).
Buy MoneyWorks Datacentre V9 (Mac/Windows)

Ready to make the change to MoneyWorks?

MoneyWorks has extensive and very powerful importing capabilities, allowing you to import almost any data. You can move your accounting data to Moneyworks from accounting applications such as Quickbooks, MYOB, AccountEdge or Xero.

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