CIG Remanufactured High Yield Toner Cartridge for Lexmark Compliant MS310/MS410/MS510/MS610/MX310/MX410/MX510/MX610

High Yield Toner Cartridge for Lexmark Compliant MS310/MS410/MS510/MS610/MX310/MX410/MX510/MX610

$ 120.00

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OEM: Lexmark OEM Part Number: 50F0HA0, 50F1H00 Colour: Black Page Yield: 5,000 Type: Remanufactured Class: Laser Brand: CIG Warranty: 1 Year
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Lexmark MS310D, MS310DN, MS312DN, MS315DN, MS410D, MS410DN, MS415DN, MS510DN, MS610DE, MS610DN, MS610DTE, MS610DTN, MX310DN, MX410DE, MX510DE, MX510DTE, MX511DE, MX511DHE, MX511DTE, MX610DE, MX611DE, MX611DFE, MX611DHE, MX611DTE – Toner Cartridge (High Yield) Lexmark Compliant

This premium CIG replacement toner cartridge is a reliable, high quality yet low cost OEM alternative. Made in North America with STMC, ISO Certifications and backed by a 1 year, 100% performance warranty.

All CIG remanufactured cartridge are subjected to a comprehensive quality performance system to ensure that it meets or exceeds OEM performance.

Comparable OEM: Lexmark 0050F0HA0,Lexmark 0050F1H00,Lexmark 0050F2000,Lexmark 0050F2H00,Lexmark 050F0HA0,Lexmark 050F1H00,Lexmark 050F2000,Lexmark 050F2H00,Lexmark 500HA,Lexmark 501H,Lexmark 502,Lexmark 502H,Lexmark 50F0HA0,Lexmark 50F1H00,Lexmark 50F2000,Lexmark 50F2H0,Lexmark 50F2H00,Lexmark NO500HA,Lexmark NO501H,Lexmark NO502,Lexmark NO502H Compatibility: Lexmark MS310D,Lexmark MS310DN,Lexmark MS312DN,Lexmark MS315DN,Lexmark MS410D,Lexmark MS410DN,Lexmark MS415DN,Lexmark MS510DN,Lexmark MS610DE,Lexmark MS610DN,Lexmark MS610DTE,Lexmark MS610DTN,Lexmark MX310DN,Lexmark MX410DE,Lexmark MX510DE,Lexmark MX510DTE,Lexmark MX511DE,Lexmark MX511DHE,Lexmark MX511DTE,Lexmark MX610DE,Lexmark MX611DE,Lexmark MX611DFE,Lexmark MX611DHE,Lexmark MX611DTE
Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 × 5.375 × 7 in


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