MSE Remanufactured Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge for Lexmark T630/T632/X630/X632, Dell M5200/W5300, IBM 1332/1352

Extra High Yield Toner Cartridge for Lexmark T630/T632/X630/X632, Dell M5200/W5300, IBM 1332/1352

$ 137.00

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OEM: Lexmark OEM Part Number: 12A7365, 12A7465, 310-4587, Y2044, 75P4304 Colour: Black Page Yield: 32,000 Type: Remanufactured Class: Laser Brand: MSE Warranty: 3 Years
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Lexmark T630, T630DN, T630N, T630NVE, T630VE, T632, T632DTN, T632DTNF, T632N, T632TN, T634, T634DTN, T634DTNF, T634N, T634TN, X630, X632, X632E, X632S, X634DTE, X634E – Universal Toner Cartridge (Extra High Yield) Cross Compatible with Dell M5200N, W5300; IBM InfoPrint 1332, 1332N, 1352, 1352N, 1372, 1372N

This premium MSE remanufactured toner cartridge is a true OEM alternative. Made in the USA with STMC, ISO Certifications and backed by an unmatched 3 year, 100% performance warranty.

This remanufactured cartridge has been subjected to a comprehensive quality performance system to ensure that it meets or exceeds OEM performance.

MSE toner and drum cartridges are arguably the most reliable replacement products available at this time.

Comparable OEM: Lexmark 0012A7360,Lexmark 0012A7362,Lexmark 0012A7365,Lexmark 0012A7460,Lexmark 0012A7462,Lexmark 0012A7465,Lexmark 0012A7468,Lexmark 012A7360,Lexmark 012A7362,Lexmark 012A7365,Lexmark 012A7460,Lexmark 012A7462,Lexmark 012A7465,Lexmark 012A7468,Lexmark 12A7360,Lexmark 12A7362,Lexmark 12A7365,Lexmark 12A7460,Lexmark 12A7462,Lexmark 12A7465,Lexmark 12A7468 Compatibility: Dell M5200N,Dell W5300N,IBM InfoPrint 1332,IBM InfoPrint 1332N,IBM InfoPrint 1352,IBM InfoPrint 1352N,IBM InfoPrint 1372,IBM InfoPrint 1372N,Lexmark T630,Lexmark T630DN,Lexmark T630N,Lexmark T630N VE,Lexmark T630VE,Lexmark T632,Lexmark T632DTN,Lexmark T632DTNF,Lexmark T632N,Lexmark T632TN,Lexmark T634,Lexmark T634DTN,Lexmark T634DTNF,Lexmark T634N,Lexmark T634TN,Lexmark X630,Lexmark X632,Lexmark X632E,Lexmark X632S,Lexmark X634,Lexmark X634DTE,Lexmark X634E
Weight 6.25 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 × 8 × 12.62 in


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