HP and Lexmark recertified and fully refurbished laser printers

Refurbished HP Lexmark laser printers Canada

Depot International Printer Refurbishment Process

First, each unit is fully tested to identify any broken or defective parts. After the unit has passed through rigorous testing, it is completely restored back to its original condition. This includes removing, thoroughly cleaning, and painting the printer covers. Next, the firmware is updated and the page count is reset to zero (on units that allow a reset). Printers are then packaged in boxes with the part number, description and serial number displayed on the shipping label.

Why Depot International Refurbished Printers?

Hardware Flexibility – We offer access to OEM, HP recertified and refurbished printers to maximize productivity.

The Sustainable Choice – By prolonging the life of a printer, your company can reduce your carbon footprint and keep waste out of landfills.

Full Warranty – All of Depot International’s refurbished printers come with a 1-year performance guarantee giving you the assurance of quality and reliability. OEM and recertified printers also carry original 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Controlled Consumable Selection – By using the industry’s best-selling printers, you are ensured that parts and supplies are always in stock and ready to ship.

Printer Fleet Consistency – Increase your company’s productivity by having a consistent printer fleet. Having the same user interface and printer parts for each printer in the office maximizes efficiency.

Printer Hot Swaps – Printer hot swaps add a lot of value to your organization for little cost. Having a backup printer waiting in the wings ensures that you won’t lose money when a printer goes down and needs to be replaced – potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Dedicated MICR Printers – Make use of MICR cartridges developed specifically for these remanufactured or OEM printers. Most newly released laser printers do not yet have replacement MICR toner cartridges available. Refurbished printers solves this problem.

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